Reunited for Christmas

Jude Knight with Beauty''w125016

Jude Knight with Beauty''w125016

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A CHRISTMAS wish came true for Aelfleda Terrace landslide victim Jude Knight this week when she was finally reunited with her missing cat, Beauty.

The animal had been missing ever since the landslip occurred almost three weeks ago, and although there had been glimpses of a cat matching her description in the area, Jude was only reunited with her pet on Sunday.

The debris from the Aelfleda Terrace demolition''w125009b

The debris from the Aelfleda Terrace demolition''w125009b

“It’s fabulous, the best Christmas present ever,” said Ms Knight, who has owned Beauty and her sister Boudicca for around six years.

Following the demolition of her home, Miss Knight has been staying in rented accommodation in Runswick Bay, but regularly made the trip back to Whitby to search for her pet. She has been assisted by many residents, including Tony and Angie Maher, who placed posters around the area appealing for help.

Beauty was finally brought home when an allotment-owner spotted the cat at the top of Caedmon’s Trod. Ms Knight rushed to the spot, but after five minutes of calling the Beauty’s name, and previous false alarms, she had almost lost hope. “I had almost given up hope,” she said. “But then I heard her miaow. She wouldn’t go in the cat box so she came back to Runswick Bay sat on my knee.”

However, the amount of time spent away from home, and her sister Boudicca, appears to have had an effect on the 11-year-old cat, and Jude explained how her behaviour has changed: “She was the one that always wanted to be outside all the time. But now she’s just not interested in going outside. I wake up in the middle of the night and she’s crying. I think she’s having bad dreams.”

Ms Knight is staying in rented accommodation in Runswick Bay and although none of the furniture is hers, a touch of Christmas spirit has been given thanks to the donation of a Christmas tree, complete with baubles, by Port Mulgrave artist Gail Hirst.

Whitby’s postmen have even being doing their bit for Jude by making sure she received packages and letters during the period she was homeless. At her new Runswick Bay home she even received a Christmas card from well-wishers in Rotherham. It was addressed to ‘Ms Jude Knight, the lady made homeless by the Aelfleda landslip’, and yet postmen made sure the card made its way to the right person.