Police probe removal of old town hall stone

A FORMER Whitby town councillor has said he removed a stone from the old town hall that sparked claims of vandalism last week.

Pete Budd told the Whitby Gazette the stone was a danger to the public and he had passed it on to the ex-mayor of Whitby to give to Scarborough Borough Council (SBC).

The incident happened a week last Sunday and, as reported in the Whitby Gazette on Friday, SBC claimed the incident was vandalism.

Mr Budd denies this and say the stone was a danger to the public as it had not been secured and that he had taken it to Coun Steve Smith.

Mr Budd said: “Last week’s article was written from a vandalism perspective and this will reflect badly on me even when the truth is known. It is not common for vandals to climb ladders with witnesses about.”

Mr Smith confirmed that the council had come and collected the stone from him the next day.

SBC would not comment on Mr Budd’s version of events and could not confirm if it still considered the incident vandalism.

Whitby Police confirmed it was looking into the incident and asked any witnesses to contact PC 1948 Rebecca Laylor.