When do the clocks go back? Why do we do it... and what do we hate most about it?

For exactly 100 years, we have been putting the clocks back at the end of October - and we’ll do so again at 1am GMT this Sunday (October 30, 2016). But according to a new poll, we still haven’t got used to it.

There are some seriously spooky going-on across our district...

Mapped: Yorkshire's 50 most haunted

Is Yorkshire Britain's most haunted county?

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The Olde Star inn Old Town Bridlington. A team of Ghost Busters investgate spooky goings on. Pictures by Paul Atkinson: NBFP PA1636-4f

Paranormal investigators film at Old Star Inn

Strange noises and light anomalies were some of the unexplainable phenomena that spooked staff and guests at the Old Star Inn.

Medievel Love Ring found by metal detectorist in field sells for five figure sum.  Mark Littler

Amateur detectorist finds 15th century ring worth thousands in North Yorkshire village

An amateur metal detectorist uncovered the find of a lifetime in a North Yorkshire village - a 15th century jewelled ring which has been sold for a five-figure sum.

Ice-cream chef Giapo's Yorkshire Pudding cone

Scoop! I’ve made an ice cream cone out of a Yorkshire pudding

A PUDDING chef in New Zealand has created the first ice cream cone to be made out of a Yorkshire pudding.

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Weekend weather: Summer showers and fresh breezes as heatwave blows over

COOLER temperatures are on the way after a wave of thunderstorms and torrential downpours swept parts of Britain.

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Which is the most reliabale car manufacturer? BMW, Land Rover, Audi... or Skoda?

Which is the most reliabale car manufacturer? BMW, Land Rover, Audi... or Skoda?

Skoda is the most reliable car manufacturer in the UK, while premium brands such as BMW, Land Rover and Audi are among the least reliable.

Blakey Ridge

Video: Yorkshire home to one of Europe's greatest driving roads

After a year-long research and ranking process by a team that covered a total of 15,000 kilometres, it’s been revealed that Yorkshire is home to one of Europe’s greatest driving roads.

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Pet owners are braced for Bonfire Night diplays but say fireworks at other times of the year cause problems.

Yorkshire pet owners call for end to “year-round” fireworks

Pet owners and the RSPCA have united to call for a rethink on the UK’s firework laws. But will their campaign get anywhere?

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Miles Cooper, a former hunt sabateur who went on various protests throughout the 1980s, but has now changed his views on hunting, so much so that he has become a master of Highmoor hunt near York. Picture by Tony Johnson

How a former hunt saboteur became master of one of Yorkshire’s newest hunts

In the 1980s Miles Cooper became a hunt saboteur. Nearly 30 years on, he is now Master of Yorkshire’s Highmoor Bloodhounds Hunt.  He talks to Sarah Freeman about his unlikely conversion.

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The Tommee Tippee valve.

Baby cups withdrawn over child illness fears

Tommee Tippee is recalling items from its Sippee Cup range following reports of children falling ill after drinking from them.

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Spending on festivals is on the rise but many Britons are happy to accept the inflated costs

Brits willing to accept festival rip-offs

Anyone who has attended a music festival recently will be probably be familiar with handing over extortionate sums for a flavourless burger and a plastic pint of lukewarm, overly-fizzy booze.

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End spam calls with one text

End spam calls with one text

Mobile phone users across the UK can now opt out of unsolicited and marketing calls - by sending one text.
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Campaigner Mike Harding in Blowing up the Dales.

Rural Yorkshire on film preserved for future generations

They are some of quirks, customs, challenges and traditions that make rural life in Yorkshire so special.


Beacon of hope from a sailor who almost didn’t return from the Pacific

He was just 20, floating on his own in the sea with sharks circling close by.

Protesters outside County Hall in Northallerton

GP Taylor comment: Fracking farce. North Yorkshire lions betrayed by council donkeys

Well, I always said fracking in Yorkshire was a done deal from the start. Despite the protests, the Tory-dominated North Yorkshire County Council has passed the planning application to frack in Ryedale.

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Michael and Debbie Fitzpatrick

Welcome to Yorkshire's biggest trampoline park

A couple exasperated with ‘tired’ soft play centres have opened a £1million trampoline park.

Leeds Museum Curator Neil Owen pictured with the partial Skeleton of a 25ft Hypselospinus.

New lease of life for dino discovery in Yorkshire

Dinosaur fans are in for a jaw-dropping treat as they journey back to a time when the prehistoric creatures ruled the earth.

Simple steps for a healthier you

Simple steps for a healthier you

Most people believe that one of the best ways of losing weight is to cut down on carbohydrates.
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VIDEO: Strongman Eddie Hall motors towards deadlift half a ton world record in Yorkshire

Who needs a tiger in the tank when you've got The Beast?

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