Macmillan Jet Set

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A new fund raising group in Whitby has teamed for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Di Payne, Joyce Campbell and Liz Bellerby are the “Macmillan Jet Set” and have come together to help raise funds for people affected by cancer.

Sally Millington, local fund raising manager for Macmillan, said: “We want to be here to be able to help everyone who is affected by cancer, and unfortunately this does cost money.

“It’s absolutely fantastic that the Jet Set are helping to ensure that we can continue to make a difference.”

This year Macmillan is celebrating its centenary and continues to rely on groups such as The Jet Set to raise awareness of their cause.

Mrs Millington added: “100 years ago, Douglas Macmillan started the charity we know today.

“He watched his father die of cancer and he wanted to do something so that other people would have access to more information and support about this disease.

“The number of people who need our support is always growing and we rely on donations to be able to continue to offer our services and make a difference.”

The Jet Set ladies have activities planned for 2011 but are also asking for help with more fund raising opportunities such as pub quizzes, talent shows or fun days.

For more information on how to support The Jet Set and Macmillan Cancer Support call Sally Millington on (01904) 756404 or email