‘Neighbourly love’ absent in Whitby region

Anti-social behaviour amounts for almost half of crime in Whitby


Anti-social behaviour amounts for almost half of crime in Whitby w140603b

More than 1,100 people contacted Whitby police over the last year to complain about noisy neighbours, boy racers and other ‘selfish’ residents of the town.

From May 2013 until May this year, Whitby police responded to 1,187 incidents of anti-social behaviour, amounting to almost half of all the crimes reported in the district.

In failing to ‘love thy neighbour’, Whitby stands in opposition to the rest of North Yorkshire, which saw an eight percent decrease in the amount of anti-social behaviour reported to police.

“The difficulty with anti-social behaviour is that it affects everybody,” said Whitby police inspector Andy Colbourne. “If there is a lot of it in a town then you lose a bit of community harmony.”

With so many incidents being reported in the Whitby area, police regularly find themselves dealing with minor incidents such as loud music, youngsters hanging around on street corners or boy racers on Langborne Road.

This takes up a lot of the police force’s time, but Insp Colbourne said: “We have to do something about it otherwise it has a negative effect on the police, because we are the first ones people call.”

With 334 reports already since April, incidents of anti-social behaviour in Whitby show no signs of slowing down.

The news comes in the same week that the Office of National Statistics released figures which showed that North Yorkshire is one of the safest places to live in the country.

Statistics reveal there were 34,462 crimes reported in North Yorkshire in 2013/14, which is a reduction of 0.1 per cent from last year.

Chief constable Dave Jones said: “Once again the official figures show that, overall, North Yorkshire is one of the safest places in the country in which to live, work and visit, and we will keep working hard at North Yorkshire Police to make sure it stays that way.”

Despite these claims, Whitby police were contacted 2,421 times in a year by residents reporting a crime or suspected offence in the entire force area, which stretches from Castleton to Staithes and Robin Hood’s Bay.

Among these were 249 reported burglaries, 274 cases of violence and sexual offences.

Insp Colbourne called these figures “disappointing” and added: “We take personal pride in making sure this Safer Neighbourhood area is safe because that’s what is important to us.

“We are constantly putting measures in place and shifting our focus to make sure that this area is safer for residents.”




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