Life’s a beach for this sleepy seal

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This sunbathing seal and almost 100 of his closest relations were spotted relaxing at Ravenscar recently.

Kayleigh Taylor, 22, was walking along the beach with her mother, Michele, who runs the National Trust visitor centres in Ravenscar and Robin Hood’s Bay. Kayleigh explained that as Ravenscar is fairly secluded, it is ideal for the seals to raise their young.

She added: “We see the seals quite often, but this was the first time we saw so many in one group. When we saw them, we stopped so as to try not to spook them. However, it was too late and they started heading towards the sea.”

Kayleigh explained that depending upon the time of year, seals can be seen mating, moulting and raising their pups at Ravenscar. She added: “We often go walking down to the beach at Ravenscar because it’s usually quiet as there’s not that many people that go down there. “We turned around and started walking the other way, at which point we started noticing smaller groups of seals literally all over the beach. It was a great sight to see and I’d estimate there was around 80 to 100 seals in total.”




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