Bay fire crew test out new equipment

Robin Hood's Bay fire crew exercise on the moors


Robin Hood's Bay fire crew exercise on the moors w141127b

The retained fire fighting team at Robin Hood’s Bay got the opportunity to try out some new equipment recently.

Firefighters worked together with the North York Moors National Park and the Hawk and Owl Trust to conduct a realistic exercise recreating a fire on Fylingdales Moor.

“Everything worked well and it was a good exercise,” explained Robin Hood’s Bay firefighter Rich Hodgson. “We don’t look at wildfires in isolation anymore and it was a chance to show our partnerships at work.”

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue has invested in four 4x4 firefighting appliances and two all-terrain vehicles.

One of the vehicles will be permanently stored at Danby but the equipment will be made available to all of the region’s retained fire fighting teams.

It will help the team when rushing to the scene of wildfires on the moors. Mr Hodgson said: “It will allow us more access to moorland areas to get on to the job and help put the fire out quicker.”

Robin Hood’s Bay firefighters have also been aided by the latest training recently, working in conjunction with Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service.

That fire service is among Europe’s best at fighting wildfires and Mr Hodgson explained some of the tactics he learned.

“It’s a different philosophy,” he said. “You approach it scientifically. There are definite things you can predict in a wildfire and using those factors you can work out where it’s going to go so you can get appliances to the right spot.”




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