Bar maid drenched in fire extinguisher assault

Station Inn


Station Inn w124213a

A bar maid suffered a shocking attack on Good Friday when a customer sprayed her with a fire extinguisher.

The 28-year-old was drenched by a customer who believed he had been short-changed at the Station Inn on New Quay Road.

Landlord Andrew Waller said the bar maid was fortunate the fire extinguisher was only filled with water and was not of the chemical kind.

“He came behind the bar and let it off in her face,” said Mr Waller.

Believing himself to have been short-changed, the attacker is alleged to have gone behind the bar and pinned the bar maid against a wall, before firing the extinguisher into her face.

“She was really shocked,” added Mr Waller. “For someone to come behind the bar, it’s a no-go area for customers.”

The incident occurred at around 10.30pm last Friday evening.

A 45-year-old man from Barnsley was arrested by police in connection with the incident.




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