Astronomer snaps Aurora lightshow

The Northern Lights as seen from Ravenscar by Andy Exton

The Northern Lights as seen from Ravenscar by Andy Exton

Mystical lights cast an eerie glow over the Whitby coast last week as the famous Northern Lights became visible.

Astronomer Andy Exton is secretary of Scarborough and Ryedale Astronomical Society and he described what he saw when he arrived at Ravenscar at around 9.30pm last Thursday. He said: “There was a definite green glow on the northern horizon that after a period of time could be seen shifting in shapes. Out of the corner of my eyes I then made out brighter areas to the northeast and above this was a distinct red area between the green above the horizon and the dark clear starry skies overhead.

“The area then developed into pillars of light that were noticeably shifting.”

Andy said the light show continued for a number of hours.

He added: “Once the reds disappeared the remainder of the night through to around midnight continued to show a green shade against the sky.”

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are usually only seen at higher latitudes and are caused by the collision of charged particles with atoms in the upper atmosphere.




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