Local butcher’s bid for best bull at cattle market

Andrew Radford buying the champion bull from William Young''w134903b

Andrew Radford buying the champion bull from William Young''w134903b

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The champion bull at this year’s Christmas cattle market in Ruswarp made over £1900.

The 17-month-old Limousin heiffer, presented at the market by William Young of Roxby, weighed in at 485kg – the equivalent to almost half a tonne.

It is the third year running he has had the champion beast which was judged this year by Wainds Butchers of Kirbymoorside.

Priced at just short of £4 per kilo, the winning bidder was Radfords Butchers of Sleights who paid £1937.58 for the animal.

Around 50 per cent of the animal will be saleable when it returns from the slaughterhouse.

It will be hung in the shop in around 10 days’ time for the run up to Christmas.

Andrew Radford told the Whitby Gazette it is important for his customers to know where the meat comes from.

He said: “For our retail trade it is the perfect size and we know the breeding. I have been buying cattle off William for as long as they have been available.

“You make your decision on the day as to the one you want. It does depend on price but this was the perfect weight for a butcher’s beast.”

Mr Young added: “It is all in the breeding. The cows they are bred from, I could go back five or six generations.”