Norovirus at hospital

There have been two outbreaks of norovirus at Whitby Hospital in as many weeks.

The War Memorial was closed to inpatient admissions a week ago and restrictions were placed on visiting times to try to combat the infection which causes diarrhoea and sudden projectile vomiting, raised temperatures, headaches and aching limbs.

It was re-opened on Wednesday. The War Memorial Ward was also closed between 2 and 8 March following the first outbreak.

In the meantime, patients who would have been admitted to Whitby Hospital were ordered to stay at home and were cared for by the enhanced community services team (formerly known as the Hospital at Home scheme) and one person was admitted to Scarborough Hospital instead.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire and York Primary Care Trust, which is currently responsible for the management of Whitby Hospital, said it is a seasonal virus and affects hospitals at some point

They added: “Anyone who is referred into Whitby Hospital during such a time when inpatient admissions are closed due to norovirus is referred to the enhanced community services team to assess whether they can be managed in their own homes by that team, or whether the patient requires admission to another hospital, such as Scarborough or James Cook.”