Sandsend chicks give us that spring feeling

First chicks in Sandsend taken by Stuart Binch ''07913378274
First chicks in Sandsend taken by Stuart Binch ''07913378274
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Whitby Gazette reader Stuart Binch sent in this picture of chicks to help us feel like spring is not so far away.

The chicks are House Martins, a breed of bird renowned for nesting in cliffs and caves. Lately they have taken to nesting in man-made structures such as bridges and houses. These chicks, caught here in mid-feed , were spotted neatly tucked away in the eaves of a bus stop in Sandsend.The picture was taken during a stake out of the birds after the parents had been spotted bringing food back and forth to the nest. The hatched chicks are a nice reminder that Easter is well on the way and the return of the birds to England hopefully a sign of the beginning of warmer weather.