Paul’s new boat is hot to Trot



A NEW state-of-the-art catamaran for one of Whitby’s most popular skippers has brought the angling fleet bang up-to-date.

Paul Eddon’s new vessel, the Trot-On II is the first catamaran that has been brought to the town for the purposes of taking recreational anglers on fishing trips and Paul said he’s already had a number of people wanting to book the boat for next season.

“It’s brilliant,” he said. “It’s fantastic the feedback from anglers. Going on the pontoon, they think ‘blumming heck what’s that?’. It dwarfs every other boat it’s that big.”

This week the catamaran has been fitted out at Coates Marine, and new signage has been installed by Vinyl Signs.

The boat has a 400bhp engine, allowing it to reach speeds of 25 knots. It also offers a large amount of deck space, and Paul explained that he scoured the country looking for a catamaran for this reason: “We went looking all round the country for a catamaran because they’re more stable, with a better working platform, which is better for anglers.”

Catamarans have widely been used in southern ports for years, but the style of hull has, until now, not made its way north.

The two-year-old Trot-On II has been fully fitted out with cameras, an oven, music system, and a television. The island wheelhouse also gives anglers access to the entire 36ft of gunwales.

An advantage of the dual hull, which is double the size of an ordinary vessel, is that anglers can gather on one side of the vessel. The boat also rolls side to side less – meaning that sea sickness should be less of an issue on board.

Paul’s other vessel, Trot-On, will continue to be operated, with lifeboat crew member and lifelong fisherman Shaun Elwick as skipper.




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