Children learn about the pirate called Teach

Pirates at st Hilda's''w141521a

Pirates at st Hilda's''w141521a

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Pirates invaded a Whitby school last Friday, where the pupils learnt all about life on the high seas.

St Hilda’s primary school pupils were introduced to the Golden Age of Piracy by three privateers who are themselves preparing for Whitby’s Tortuga Festival in August.

Pirates at st Hilda's''w141521c

Pirates at st Hilda's''w141521c

Among the things the children learned about were the notorious pirate Edward Teach. otherwise known as Blackbeard, whose family once owned the Hart Inn at Sandsend.

They also learned about Bartholomew Roberts, the most successful pirate ever, and Henry Avery, who took more treasure from one ship than Captain Blackbeard did in his entire career.

Pirate impersonator Chris Moor said: “It was a feel good assembly and we had lots of props to bring the history alive for the children.”

However, Chris said pirates were actually very progressive and democratic in their thinking, and even had their own version of a National Health Service, 200 years before anyone else.

“A pirate ship was very democratic,” he said. “Wherever a pirate ship went, it was very much a group decision.”

After the assembly, each of the pupils were given a gold pirate coin, welcoming them into the Tortuga crew.