The photographs that shame Whitby

New Quay Road rubbish bins

New Quay Road rubbish bins

Following the busy Easter weekend, a Whitby man has said he is appalled at the amount of rubbish left strewn around the town.

Peter Horbury, of Prospect Hill, has taken hundreds of photographs of overflowing rubbish bins, which he sends to the borough council to highlight the problems of refuse collection in the town.

An amateur photographer, Mr Horbury said when he goes out on an early morning walk with his dog Aussie, he hopes to capture some of the beauty of Whitby. Instead he is often faced with overflowing bins.

“I am absolutely appalled at the state of the town,” he said. “Whitby has a litter problem and I want to highlight it.”

The abundance of food leftovers and waste is also adding to the pest problem as gulls scavenge for scraps.

Solutions proposed by Mr Horbury could be larger bins or more frequent collections.

At the time of going to press Scarborough Borough Council were unable to provide a comment.

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