Power restored to Glaisdale telephone mast

Limber Hill transmission mast
Limber Hill transmission mast

Esk Valley residents breathed a sigh of relief this week as power was restored to the telephone mast at Limber Hill.

The mast services the Glaisdale and Egton area and had been out of service since March 28 and residents had expressed their discontent at how long it had taken for the fault to be repaired.

Mobile phone users with Vodafone contracts found themselves especially affected by the failure, receiving little or no service throughout that period.

A spokesperson for Vodafone confirmed that the mast is once again up and running and added: “We’re sorry some of our customer have been inconvenienced by a loss of service locally. This was caused by a failure of the link that connects this mast in to the network.”

The spokesperson explained that these links are owned and managed by BT, and engineers from that utility company had encountered difficulties when attempting to access the site.

Limber Hill is one of four transmission towers along the Esk Valley and services those villages are shrouded by the deep U-shaped valleys they are located in.