Ice, ice maybe - mixed reviews for fishy dessert

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What happens when you combine two of Whitby’s most famous delicacies?

Everyone is feeling the economic pinch at the moment, and many visitors are finding they can no longer afford some of the luxuries Whitby has to offer.

With that in mind, the Gazette got together with Teare Wood’s Ice Cream Parlour to find a way to allow tourists to sample some of Whitby’s greatest exports - fish and chips and ice cream - but without having to fork out for both.

Hearing that he had a reputation for experimenting with new and unusual flavours, the Gazette set Shayne Wood, joint owner of the Pier Road parlour, the challenge of creating a new range of chip shop-inspired ice cream.

Using fresh battered cod, chips and mushy peas from Russell’s takeaway next door, Shayne created Whitby’s newest local delicacy.

“The guys at the chippy thought I was mad,” said Shayne. “But it was really easy.

“And it’s actually quite nice - kind of like a savoury fish cake but a bit more sweet.”

The three different flavours were made by breaking up the original ingredients and blending them with the usual ice cream mix, before whipping the whole lot up and freezing it.

The task was made all the more difficult as last week one of the Jersey cows which supplies milk to the ice cream parlour was killed after being struck by lightning in a storm.

To complete the look, Shayne rolled the fish ice cream in batter and topped the whole lot off with a chip in the place of a flake.

It isn’t the first time the parlour - which has been open for four years - has experimented with unusual flavours, having previously produced corned beef, coconut korma and roasted garlic flavoured ice cream.

“Garlic was horrible, really bad,” said Shayne. “But it turns out you can make pretty much anything into ice cream. There’s no way we’re going to serve this to the public though.”

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What the public thought

“Has it got real fish in it? It’s not bad actually, it’s quite good.”

“Actually it’s not bad. But have you got any bread and butter to go with it?”

“It doesn’t taste like peas. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t taste like peas.”

“You can really taste the chips.”

“This is all right, you can taste the mushy peas in it.”

“Well I’ve eaten mine so it was actually very nice.”

“There’s no way I’m going to taste that, I couldn’t bear the thought of it.”

“How unusual. It’s actually a lot nicer than you would expect it to be.”




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