Hotel set to be demolished despite protests


ONE of the most prominent buildings on the West Cliff is set to be demolished despite a series of objections from nearby residents and council bodies.

The planning board at Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) is set to give the go-ahead at a meeting on Thursday for the former Moorlands Hotel to be knocked down and for 12 houses to be built in its place.

It has been met with outcry from local residents, Whitby Town Council, the local cricket club and even another department within SBC.

Two petitions, one with 25 signatures and the other with 17, have been lodged objecting to the proposals.

There has also been representations from 32 households concerned it was an overdevelopment, out of keeping with surrounding buildings, too high, would lead to traffic issues and drainage problems, loss of sea views and would impact on property prices.

It was also felt that the argument being put forward by applicants Mulgrave Properties Ltd about there being no demand for the hotel was flawed.

Objectors said the other accommodation businesses seemed to have a flow of bookings and the building could be put to other uses such as a youth centre.

Whitby Hospitality Association expressed concern about the loss of such a large hotel which was backed up by SBC’s Tourism and Culture service.

The two representations of support say the area needs to be tidied up and the removal of the old building and a significant investment would be welcome.

Council reports say although legislation suggests 40 per cent of the development should be affordable it was agreed that 33.3 per cent would be sufficient for this development.

There will be a three storey crescent of eight townhouses and a separate block of four houses which will be transferred to a housing association.

It is also understood the developers are willing to enter into a section 106 agreement where they will compensate for the loss of open space.

The report adds: “The existing Moorlands Hotel building is of limited architectural merit and the redevelopment of this ‘brownfield’ site for residential purposes for a mix of market and affordable housing should enhance the appearance of this sea front location.”