Brave dippers

IT might not have been the coldest-ever Boxing Day Dip, but it was certainly one of the most popular.

The winter weather was reasonably mild for Wednesday’s event which attracted round 170 brave fund-raisers who dashed into the sea at Whitby to raise money for charities and worthy causes.

And hundreds of spectators lined the beach and pier to cheer their friends and family on.

The Boxing Day Dip, organised by the Whitby and District Lions, has been running in the town for 35 years now and the event is a firm festive favourite.

This year saw scores of people in wacky costumes and festive outfits, together with sporting clubs and associations and a number of brave youngsters taking the plunge.

Of the proceeds from the Boxing Day Dip, 20% goes to the Lions’ Club for its support and the rest is dished out to charities of the participants’ choice.

Dave Stuart, president of the Lions, said he was overwhelmed with the number of people who took part in this year’s Boxing Day Dip.

He said: “Around 170 people signed up to do it which is an excellent turn-out.

“It is one of the most well-attended events we have ever had and it just seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

“Last year the Boxing Day Dip made 4,500 and we are looking to beat that this year.

“The weather was not particularly cold which was a bonus for people and it was certainly a lot warmer than last year.

“The Boxing Day Dip is a great event and people always get into the spirit of things.”

Dougie Raine was part of a team of 15 which took part in the event to raise money for Sport Mulgrave.

After he ran into the water he ripped off his jumper to reveal a ‘Save Sandsend Post Office’ T-shirt.

“I have never done the Boxing Day Dip before,” he said.

“Thankfully the weather wasn’t too bad and we just wanted to raise as much money as possible.

“I also took the opportunity to raise awareness about Sandsend Post Office.”

Mike and Karen Nightingale, along with their daughter Jessica, took part in the Boxing Day Dip to help raise money for a mini bus.

“It was pretty cold but all for a good cause,” said Mike.