Animals were well treated

Unlike many people who are content to throw stones from the wings and pass judgement with little fact behind them, I bothered to take my family to see the Circus Mondao in Whitby for its first performance.

I can say to those who are not rabid with self-proclaimed anger that the show was excellent and the animals were very well treated.

Most of the animals were in the ring for less than a minute at a time with the exception of some of the horses and doves who were there for a couple of minutes.

The animals are clearly loved by the circus staff and the animals themselves were clearly enjoying themselves and looked in great health. At no point in the show were the animals ever whipped, or kicked or treated with anything other than gentle handling and care. I can assure you I would not have tolerated it had they been mistreated.

Care was taken by the staff to ensure the animals were not spooked by the crowd clapping and the music being played.

After the show, you are able to visit the animals and we took advantage of this opportunity to really get up close with them and see how healthy they were for ourselves.

My eight-year-old son was able not only to come face-to-face with animals he had never seen before (such as camels and zebras) but also to stroke them.

We spent a good half an hour with the animals and they are clearly in excellent health and were alert, friendly and cheeky.

There was no sign of distress on any of the animals – in fact far from it. No, I do not work for the circus and will not be swayed by partisan opinion from the staff there, but nor will I tolerate being preached to by the hysterical left-wing brigade who lazily proclaim political correctness as a matter of automation.

I actually bother to go and see what it is about for myself before passing judgement on others.

I would say to anyone who has been thinking of going to do just that – you won't see any bullfights, you won't see any muzzled dancing bears, or Christians being sown into the belly of a sheep.

What you will see is a gentle show, which was fun for everybody, including the animals and your children will get the chance to see animals up close that they may never get to see for a good while.

From: Mike Edwards, Mike Edwards, The Avenue, Sleights.