Teddies help in times of trauma

Westhorpe trauma teddy knitters celebrate thier 2 year anniversary''w123811

Westhorpe trauma teddy knitters celebrate thier 2 year anniversary''w123811

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A group of Whitby women have knitted over 500 ‘trauma’ teddies for charity.

They are now celebrating their two year anniversary and to mark the occasion will be getting together - and knitting more teddies.

Around 12 women - aged between 59 and 92 - from West Thorpe sheltered housing meet every week to make ‘trauma’ teddies which they then send on to people in need.

Over the last two years some have been sent overseas or to Scarborough Hospital and they also knit other items all in bright and cheery colours.

Barbara Richardson, founder of the group, said: “We have sent hundreds of teddies, blankets, vests, jumpers, hats and gloves to the people effected by the Chernobyl disaster. We knitted four sackfuls for the Salvation Army and have also donated to the Whitby Fire Station.”

The children at Scarborough hospital sent letters and pictures to thank the ladies for their efforts which are proudly displayed on the walls at West Thorpe.

Barbara added: “We knit in our own time as well as at the group. A teddy usually takes a night to do. However, one took two months to make.”

The group relies on wool donated from friends and relatives.

Barbara added: “My sister sent me a pattern for a teddy and that’s how I got the idea. It was a way of getting everyone together and doing something for charity”.